An initial section and a couple of moments in the development of my final design project - the Dartmoor Pursuit Centre in the Town of Ivybridge. Stay tuned!

Some images from project 3a which involved designing with a focus on a 5x5 metre area of our proposal as a starting point for the next project where the whole project will become realised. My design is a fire pit located within an outdoor pursuit complex located on the fringes of Dartmoor national park aimed at connecting users with the natural landscape.

Project 3a - Stowford Paper Mill, Ivybridge.

One of the pages showing intentions regarding the master planning of the existing Stowford Mill site. With this master planning resolved, the next step is to focus on a specific area to design and develop.

micro/macro study of thresholds that create a disconnection and a void between the high street of Ivybridge and the moor 

Initial proposition ideas for a ‘walkers portal’

Conceptual collage of my identified site, aiming to create a portal or gateway between Dartmoor and the town of Ivybridge

Sketch model identifying the disconnection between the moor and the town centre of Ivybridge and the thresholds that cause it

Leporello designed to explain atmosphere, topography, routes and people of Ivybridge. Each side slides out from the central housing and tabs are removed to reveal portraits of people we met with the opportunity to scan QR codes which takes you to their story in the form of an online blog. This revealing of layers and deeper digital dimension represents that there is much more to Ivybridge than meets the eye once you scratch the surface and dig a little deeper.